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The first step to build your Private Enterprise Copilot.

Unmatched Speed and Accuracy: XcelerateAI's AI Platform - Intelligent Document Processor (IDP) & Dedicated Prediction Processor (DPP) 

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Secure Cloud Solutions

We provide best-in-class customer protection every step of the way. 

Intelligent Document Processor (IDP)

Efficiently process data for Accounts Payable, Insurance Claims, and more from various documents such as ID cards, bank statements, receipts, and invoices

Versatility in Application

Utilize our no-code Web Application or integrate your software using our simple APIs. 

Dedicated Prediction Processor (DPP)

Utilize your data to gain new insights and build your personal enterprise Copilot.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers

< 1 sec

Data Extraction Time 


Efficacy on Structured Docs 

& 95%+ on unstructured,  foreign languages like Hindi and Chinese


Entities Extracted


Improved Efficiency compared to OCR-based solutions


Lower Operational Cost

with fewer models

and no image pre-processing

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

We are an application-independent AI Platform that combines entity extraction with an inference engine to build your personal enterprise copilot.  Our powerful software is designed to analyze unstructured data from a variety of sources with great accuracy even if the fields are missing or faded. Unlike traditional OCR/ICR+ technology, we utilize generative AI which is more effective and affordable, saving our clients both time and money.

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